The products now available to provide commercial and industrial level heating is rapidly developing. The majority of old systems rely  on fossil fuels as power which are non-renewable and therefore not a long term solution.

Biomass uses a combination of natural products to create a form of fuel which can be used in heating systems. Although fossil fuels are natural they are of a scarce supply which currently getting burnt through at a rate which cannot be replenished.


The most common reason for people not installing more sustainable heating systems is the cost of the system that they require. There are many finance options provided from both suppliers and the government as a result of trying to make a greater proportion of the public imperishable.

Impact on the Environment

Many large organisations are becoming more aware of the effects their company is having on the environment and are therefore focusing on the systems available in which they can use to make their organisation more eco-friendly. Biomass heaters come with many specifications but there are many systems available that can function at the same capacity as many regular boilers which use fossil fuels to function.

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