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The Solar thermal water and energy efficient heating systems website was created to provide you with clear and concise information on the UK energy market. It will provide you will information on gas, electricity and any form of energy that may be coming soon; it will also keep you up to date on any green issues. It will be keeping you up to date with energy providers and suppliers, price changes and explanations of why the market has changed.

The Solar thermal water and energy efficient heating systemsare able to provide you with free home energy advice. If you would like this, they will send you a computer report on different energy efficiency measures recommended to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Are there any risks?

Electricians and Installation

London Electricians don’t just deal with electrical emergencies. Fully qualified technicians can also help with installing lighting and alarms for homes and commercial sites and can also issue safety certificates for landlords.

Once you have found yourself and electrician it is easy to install the solar panels, just locate your most sunny side and attach it to the roof, or if required a holding platform. Make sure that all the wiring is done by a qualified electrician as those solar panels five out enough power to set your house on fire.

Commercial Systems

Fossil Fuels

Biomass Systems

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