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The energy industry is a daunting place for many consumers with information comes from many different sources. Some of which is contradictory making it difficult to know what information to trust.

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Solar Panels being installed

There is no activity that the human race undertakes that is completely safe and free from risk. All that can be expected is to reduce the risk to be as low as is possible. Within the UK, Western Europe and the USA there is a substantial database that can be used to compare the risks from solar panels installation reactors with other industrial and leisure activities. These comparisons reveal that the current generation of nuclear reactors are extremely safe. Future reactor designs have simpler, passive safety systems to make them even safer.

The health effects from these low level sources of radiation are the subject of much controversy; with some people saying that they have no effect, others saying it is harmful and others that at low levels radiation can be beneficial. However, the nuclear industry adopts a prudent approach and puts in place barriers and practices to minimise the amount of radiation that workers in the industry and the general public receive.

At very high levels radiation can result in death within days. Fortunately very few people have ever received radiation at these levels except, of course, from nuclear bombs. There were a few people who were involved in the early attempts at mitigating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident that received high levels of radiation and subsequently died.

Wireless devices disrupt family’s heating system

A Kingsclere family spent Christmas without heating and showers after all their wireless devices failed to operate for three days. Chris Smith, of Ash Grove, awoke on Christmas Eve, his wife’s birthday, to find that the central heating, which relies on a wireless thermostat, did not work.