Solar panels vs. Wind Turbines - Comparion Charts, Opinions, Stats, Costs

Experimental results have shown that nuclear waste can be stored for many hundreds of years without producing significant environmental effects. There are many places across the planet where radioactive material has naturally occurred since the planet was formed without producing severe environmental effects.
How does solar power compare?

This is difficult to answer as, in the short term, the cost of energy varies with fluctuations in supply and demand. A few years ago the price of a barrel of oil was £10 and this year it has been as high as £70. Two authoritative studies by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the World Nuclear Association have compared the price of generating electricity from nuclear power with other sources of energy. The comparisons were made prior to the recent escalations in oil and gas prices and indicated that nuclear was competitive with all other forms of power. For more information on this topic see the page on 'The Truth about Nuclear'.


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