Solar Power in the UK

The sun is a gigantic energy source.  Imagine harnessing the power of the sun so that it could provide you with electricity, hot water and lighting, reduce your household bills and provide all year sustainable solar power FREE!

UK Solar panel installation

The basic principle behind solar thermal transfer is easy to grasp: Unroll a garden hosepipe and lay it out in the sun – after a while the water in the hose will get hot. Thermal collectors (solar water heating systems) work on the same principle. A special fluid is heated within a closed circuit to a temperature of up to 220 degrees Celsius and pumped in to a heat exchanger. This heat is then “stored” in a domestic hot water cylinder. Some solar thermal systems heat only the domestic hot water; others are used to assist under floor heating or even to heat a swimming pool.

In the UK there are suppliers and installers of Schüco Solar, viessmann, and Solartwin 100 % solar powered systems and are accredited under the Clear Skies Renewable Energy Grants Scheme. Installation can be quoted on, based on a free survey.

The sun provides a free, clean, renewable source of energy so every time you use solar, you are doing something good for the planet. Renewable energy means less reliance on polluting sources of power like coal or gas and fewer batteries in the landfill. While generating your own energy from the sun, you are doing something good for today and the future – helping to provide the foundation for a healthier planet and people.

PV cells are more powerful than ever, and the prices have come down as demand goes up so clean, renewable energy is affordable for everyone. However solar is not for everyone and there are other technologies like LED which provides an energy saving alternatives. There are a number of grants for this type of lighting.